#DF15 Swag Grab Challenge Recap

This year’s Dreamforce marked a flurry of firsts – the first peek at Thunder, Salesforce’s IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud; Salesforce’s first Women’s Leadership Summit; Mike’s first Dreamforce ever; and the first-of-its-kind Swag Grab Challenge!

How do you do the Swag Grab Challenge?  Glad you asked!

The rules of the Swag Grab Challenge are simple:

  1. Swag must be freely given – it may not be purchased, borrowed, or bartered
  2. Duplicate swag does not count for multiple points (i.e. two shirts from the same booth)
  3. All swag must be donated at the conclusion of the conference


And so we set out to have fun for a good cause! If you missed out on the excitement, here’s a recap:

The gauntlet was thrown on day 1 of Dreamforce,

Swag Grab Day 1













…followed by friendly, competitive banter.

Magic 8 Ball











  Photo 3








The piles of goodies slowly grew.

Swag Grab Day 2











Until day 3 when Mike put on the pressure with one game-changing swag grab:

Scooter Swag








It was a close call by the end of day 3 with only one day of the competition remaining.

Swag Grab Day 3










And then…

Drone Swag










Finally it was time to total the points and name a DF15 Swag Grab Challenge winner!

All Swag









Photo 12









Photo 13









And so Julia was declared the official DF15 Swag Grab Challenge winner. In her acceptance speech, she thanked all the generous companies that donated their swag to the efforts, knowing it would ultimately be going to underserved communities. We’d particularly like to thank CodeScience, Apptus, RXBAR, datto, and EverString for their generous and willing participation, and an extra-large thank you to Implisit who went above and beyond for a good cause, donating six quad copter drones. Thanks to so many people’s efforts, we will be donating over $1,000 in clothes, toys and school supplies. Donations will be dropped off on Tuesday, September 29 for the Welcome to America Project and Treasures 4 Teachers. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog page to read the follow-up to the donations and how these wonderful organizations will use them to change lives!

Pierre and Swag