We want your organization to thrive as much as you do.

It is not simply about delivering on a contract; we are here to make things easier and more successful for your organization and to set you up with the proper tools to get you there.

From small to large implementations, we offer easy-to-use, best-practice Salesforce customizations.

We choose to do more.

We chose to become a B Corp because we, of course, care about our business but also about the world. We believe it is possible to have a triple bottom line for our business: Environmental, Social and Financial. 

As both individuals and a company, we want to be good citizens.

In our everyday office life, it means conserving and sharing resources or supporting the community at large, which is helping us strive. These are all attainable practices for most small businesses. Nothing extraordinary, just common sense. For us, the impact is not only in the way we do business but also with whom we do business with. We chose to work with the nonprofit community because we want to support their mission. We are interested in understanding the challenges these organizations are trying to address and contributing to their mission. Being a B Corp simply allows us to formalize these social and environmental practices and to gain guidance in becoming a better company.

What’s in a name?

You might find yourself asking why we decided to name ourselves Sputnik Moment. Fret not, you’re not alone in this inquiry. A Sputnik Moment is the point when circumstance reveals a major need for change. Some might see this point as failing, or a “rock bottom” point, but we choose to positively look at the abundance of opportunities each Sputnik Moment reveals. 

The name, originally derived from the moment when the Soviet Union launched a satellite before the U.S.; forcing the U.S. to redouble their efforts, is a perfect fit for our company. (Not to mention, it just sounds cool).

Our clients come to us with the realization that there needs to be a better way to operate their organization. Our consulting services create the necessary change and give an advantage with CRM technologies. They experience a Sputnik Moment, and we double the efforts to create a thriving and successful organization.

Now that you know who we are,  let’s get started!