#sputnikSMILES, supporting incredible causes

Phoenix is full of amazing people doing amazing things.

Matt ResnikLike Matt Resnik.  Matt is a young adult with autism.  After high school, like most young people, he was determined to support himself and lead an independent life.  So with the support of the Southwestern Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC), he created SMILE Biscotti, combining his love of baking with his love for routine.  (By the way, SMILE stands for Supporting Matt’s Independent Living Enterprise.)  You can see him in action at www.smilebiscotti.com.

SARRC logo

Or Matt’s mom, Denise.  In addition to being Matt’s number one fan, she is on the board of SARRC.  SARRC is unique in it’s offering of lifetime support of individuals and families with autism, including programs that create meaningful employment opportunities for adults with autism.  Also SARRC, with their inspiring staff and families, is based in Phoenix.  You can find out more at www.autismcenter.org.

Sputnik Moment wants to highlight and support these incredible individuals and organizations.  March 4-6 Sputnik Moment will donate $1 to SARRC for every person who posts or tweets with #sputnikSMILES and likes or follows us on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, if you’re attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin those days, you can stop by Sputnik Moment’s booth for a free biscotti from Matt.