NGO Connect

The Salesforce Foundation announced last week (Sept. 2014) a new product called NGO Connect (formerly known as roundCause). So what should you know about this?


What is the difference between NGO Connect and NPSP?

NGO Connect is the NPSP big brother. NGO Connect is made to be an enterprise class application for large or fast growing nonprofit organizations. While the NPSP is free to use and supported by the community, NGO Connect will require licenses and will be actevely supported by the Salesforce Foundation. Both NPSP and NGO Connect will continue to be available. Here is a comparison (provided by Salesforce):

How much will NGO Connect be?

The list price for NGO Connect is $120 per user per month but the Salesforce Foundation offers an introductory price of $90 per user per month.

In short

This is an exciting year in the Salesforce community. With the release of the NPSP v3 in July 2014, nonprofits now have a very solid version of Salesforce pre-customized for most nonprofit standard needs (fundraising, volunteer and constituent management). With the introduction of NGO Connect, the Salesforce Foundation is offering a clear next step for organizations with more complex requirements.

For more information, register here to

If you would like to learn more about NGO Connect, register now to the webinar on Tuesday, September 30th.