Tune up your FC portal

A frequent question that our FoundationConnect clients ask us is regarding the ability to add or change text on the Portal.

Just about ANY Portal text can now be customized

There is already quite a bit of flexibility through the use of Portal Instructional Text and the Portal Dashboard custom setting.  However, any default messages, links and button labels, were not previously customizable.

However, with the release of the Portal Translation Workbench, just about ANY text on the Portal can now be customized to say exactly what you want it to say!  

In order to take advantage of this module, you need to have at least FoundationConnect Grantee Portal version 6.8 installed in your Salesforce instance.  Log in to the FoundationConnect support site or work with your implementation partner to upgrade to the latest version.

Where to get started?

To Access the Portal Translation Workbench,

1. Click on the + sign at the end of the Tab display

2. Click on Portal Translation Workbench

3. Enter the Language Code (en for English)


4. Click Continue

5. After the workbench opens, you will see that it is broken out into sections:  

  • Labels

  • Button/Link Labels

  • Messages

  • Error

  • Other

Each data element also has a  Help Bubblethat you can click on that will bring up a screen shot of where you would find that particular element on the Portal.  

This helps you to know exactly what you are changing, and where that change will appear.

 Want to run through an example?

A couple of elements that clients have expressed interest in changing are:

  • The link “Can’t access your account?” to “Forgot your password?”
  • The button “Register” to “Create Account”

So let’s make those changes!  (As always, it’s a best practice to make changes in a Sandbox environment whenever possible)

Find “Can’t access your account?” and type in the new value



Find “Register” and type in the new value

Click the “Save” button and Clear the Cache to test your changes

 Here is the result:

Login Box After



So Cool!  Now what do we do?

Meet with your Grants Team and walk through the Portal and note any areas that you would have liked to change but weren’t able to prior to the Portal Translation Workbench module.  Make the necessary updates and make your Portal even more awesome!