HIGHLIGHTS! foundationConnect Summer’17 release

HIGHLIGHTS! foundationConnect Summer’17 release

foundationConnect’s Summer ‘17 release has a few new features (4), a bunch of improvements (11) and fixes (15). We are going to describe the new features and highlight some of the improvements.

(All of the features discussed below pertain only to the communities version of the grantee and reviewer portal)

What’s New?

Technology can be scary for some, so it always helps to provide directions.
  • Now we can add instruction text to the Search/Add Team Member tab! Have no fear instructions are here!
  • Virus Scan Server alerts have been added and monitoring has been expanded. This provides better information on server performance and any service interruptions.
  • Reviewers can now Cancel or Clear Changes in a review. Cancel pops up a warning, which when accepted takes the reviewer back to the dashboard and Clear Changes scrubs all unsaved values.
  • Hyperlinks now appear as links on the Reviewer portal as well as the Grantee portal. If you host content and provide links within your reviewer portal forms, your reviewers can now conveniently click to access that content. (While it’s tempting to link LoLCats memes in everything – try to restrain your enthusiasm.)
  • Organization Name is now optionally editable on the Organization Profile screen. Now with the flick of a Custom Setting, grantee’s can be given access to change the name of their organization. With great power comes great responsibility, use wisely.

Improvement Highlights

Below are just a few of the improvements made in this release.
  • Cancel button on the Contact and Organization Profile tabs navigate to the grantee dashboard. Cancel pops up a warning, which when accepted takes the grantee back to the dashboard.
  • Ability to upload up to 37 mb files in the Grantee portal and external reviews. The Post attachments to chatter feeds setting switches attachments from being collected in the Notes & Attachments and instead saves them as Files.
  • If a change is made to a record and not saved, but a main navigation tab is clicked will trigger a Save or Cancel warning. This works anywhere in the Grantee and the Reviewer Portals!

Winter is Coming

The Salesforce Winter ‘18 update is going to remove the button to post files in the Notes & Attachments section. We recommend that you start using the post attachments to chatter feed setting. You don’t want to be left out in the cold!