Clone Campaign Members with List Views (hack!)

Clone Campaign Members with List Views (hack!)

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One question I get a lot is how can I clone campaigns WITH campaign members. The short answer is you can’t. But the Salesforce admin hack answer is YES WE CAN! (using a list view).

(I should note that there are technically two ways to accomplish this (that I know of!). But I am only going to address one in this blog post.)

First I’m going to briefly talk about a practical application for this – the one I hear the most is that organizations are using a campaign hierarchy to track a recurring event. Let’s say a monthly support group that meets twelve times over the course of the year, and they are registering people in advance. So they have their members signed up for the group for the year, and they want to create a campaign for each group meeting, take attendance, and update the campaign member status after the meeting (with who showed and who didn’t).

So you create January’s campaign, add all your members, and then you can easily clone the campaign record to create the campaign records for the other 11 meetings this year….but not so much with the campaign members.

Here’s a quick and easy way to add members to a campaign – using LIST VIEWS!

Steps to Clone Campaign Members:

First you want to create all your campaign records (so after January’s campaign record has been created, I would clone it 11 times to create the support group records for the rest of the year).

Navigate to the Contacts tab, then click create new view. Use the campaign lookup to find the first campaign you already created WITH the members in it (so our January meeting campaign)

create a new view from the contacts tab
Creating a new view from the contacts tab

After you’ve created the view, simply select the campaign members in that view, and click the Add to Campaign button

select contacts to add to your campaign
` Select contacts to add to your campaign


Then, use the lookup to find the campaign you want to add the members to. You can change the status if you want. You can ignore the Existing Members option because there are no existing members so it doesn’t matter which you choose.

select campaign to add new campaign members to
select the campaign to add new campaign members to


Then click the add to campaign button in the lower right corner and you’re good to go! Rinse and repeat 10 more times to add your campaign members to the support group campaign records for the rest of the year!

New to Campaign? Check out the Salesforce implementation guidelines document.

Happy campaigning!