Upgrading foundationConnect 101

Quick guide to upgrade your existing foundationConnect packages to the latest version

1. Create a template for your partial sandbox first (what functions from your production database do you want to bring into your sandbox?)

In this example: it looks like I won’t be able to use Conga in my sandbox instance.

2. Create a partial sandbox (or refresh your current partial sandbox)

NOTE: if you are actively developing in the same sandbox, make sure you can discard or push that to production first.

3. Log into your partial sandbox

4. Get the latest foundationConnect package install links

Read the release notes first to see if there’s any funky system settings you have to update

5. Copy the links and paste the link(s) into your browser to start the install

MAKE SURE TO CHANGE “login.salesforce.com\…” in the install link to “TEST.salesforce.com\….” first

6. After you install the new packages into your sandbox, TEST YOUR ENTIRE GRANTMAKING process in the sandbox: focus on the grantee and reviewer experience as any internal Salesforce processes should not be affected, such as automations and validation rules.

7. If everything looks good in sandbox, install the package into your production instance.

8. If you DO notice something in your sandbox that breaks (e.g. your grantees can’t see historical records anymore or they can’t click on something they used to be able to do so), DON’T UPGRADE YOUR PRODUCTION INSTANCE!

Unfortunately, there’s no immediate fix, but log a case with foundationConnect support to address the issue.

9. VOILA! You’re done upgrading your system.