Salesforce to require My Domain with Winter ’22 release

Salesforce has announced that it will be enforcing the use of My Domain with the Winter ’22 release (scheduled for October 2021).

What is My Domain?

Without My Domain, the URL when you’re in your Salesforce instance will have two letters and a number (e.g. Once you’ve set up My Domain, the URL will be customized (e.g. Learn more about My Domain here

Why implement My Domain?

First of all, because Salesforce is requiring you to. But there are benefits, including keeping your data more secure and being able to use Salesforce apps or features that require My Domain.

How will internal (staff) users be affected?

They should be encouraged to log in with the new My Domain URL (e.g., but can also still use to log in to Salesforce. If you use hard-coded URLs in your system (pretty rare), those links will need to be updated.

How will portal users be affected?

They won’t be. The My Domain is separate from the domain you’ve already established for your portal community.

How do I activate My Domain?

You can follow the instructions here, or get in touch with your Sputnik Moment consultant for assistance.

What if I don’t do anything?

Salesforce will assign you a My Domain based on your company name.