How Salesforce Helps Track Parent Matching Activities

How Salesforce Helps Track Parent Matching Activities

ConnectedFamilies Matching Activities

Can you easily answer the following questions about your P2P program?

  • Where are the majority of my support parents located?
  • What else can they support on besides their child’s diagnosis?
  • How has my pool of support parents grown over time?
  • How many matches have you made with Spanish-speaking parents?
  • How many matches have you made in a certain region?  For a certain diagnosis?
  • How many matches have been successfully followed-up by staff?

If you can’t, a move to Salesforce should be in your future!

In addition to providing answers to the above questions, Salesforce allows you to easily search for the right support parent based on a variety of factors.  After making a match your follow-up process can be automated to make sure best practices are being consistently followed throughout your organization.

Here is a quick look at how it works:

Support parents and their children are entered into Salesforce (Support parent trainings are also tracked so you can see when they were trained and do follow-up if needed).

When a parent requests a match, information about them and their request is entered.

A custom search screen allows you to add and take away search criteria as needed to see support parents who might be a good fit.

A match is made which triggers automatic emails to be sent to one or both parents.

Tasks are automatically assigned to the staff to do follow-up at the correct intervals (ex. 2 days, 2 weeks and 6 months).  Emails with links to surveys can also be sent.

You can run reports on a regular basis to gain clarity into your program.  Dashboards give a visual so you can easily see what is happening.

Take a look at a video describing the P2P process in Salesforce here!

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