Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

On May 2nd, Salesforce unveiled the newest addition to their Nonprofit Cloud: Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking! As of 7/18/2023, it has been officially released. If you need a refresher about the new nonprofit cloud, check out our blog about this shift.

If you need more information on what this shift means for existing Salesforce customers, see our blog.

As an organizations considering using Salesforce for grant making, you now have a few options:


Let’s compare these two at a high level:

Grantmaking Outbound Funds

. Dynamic/Flexible Data Model

. Built on Nonprofit Cloud

. Portal Template included

. Flow & Omnistudio included

. Active roadmap

. License: $ (portal licenses inc.)

. Dynamic/Flexible Data Model

. Built for NPSP but compatible with Nonprofit Cloud

. Portal Template included

. Flow included 

. Roadmap from community TBD

License:  Package is free, $ for portal licenses

There is also the option of leverage your own customization if neither of these 2 options make sense.

Feeling a bit unsure between these options? Don’t worry, we have been assisting organizations with grant making features on the Salesforce platform for over 10 years and we are here to help you find the right solution for your organization.