Make Salesforce Intake Easier

Make Salesforce Intake Easier

Easier Intake in Salesforce

Why the Intake Process is Such a Pain

Human service organizations often struggle to capture information during their intake process, usually scribbling down important information on paper while talking to distraught clients on the phone.  If that information could be captured in Salesforce easily then staff time could be saved and valuable data could be tracked. We have created two intake solutions that will aid in creating cases in Salesforce.

The data entry process in Salesforce can be cumbersome when collecting information that will be populated on different types of records.  For example to intake a parent calling about a child, a user must:

  1. Search to determine if the caller or household exists
  2. Create adult/parent contact record
  3. Enter household information
  4. Create child contact record
  5. Enter information about the issue and assistance provided (case information)

To streamline this process Sputnik Moment has developed 2 different intake solutions.

Solution 1: Simplified Intake Screen

The first is a one-step page to allow users to perform all functions from the same screen.

After saving, multiple contact records are created as well as the household record linking them together.  The intake staff can then easily move forward to documenting the issue.

This page also allows the intake person to search before creating new contacts to avoid duplicates.

Solution 2: Process Flow to Guide Intake

For larger organizations with a more complex intake process we developed a flow that guides the staff in asking questions and creates the appropriate records as the questions are answered.  For example, the intake staff first asks some basic questions to determine if the person is calling about themselves or someone else and if they already exist in Salesforce.  They can then update current information or create a new contact.

They then ask questions about the nature of the call which will create multiple case records when saved. 

Case assignment rules are leveraged so that the created case records are automatically assigned to the appropriate program managers.  They are immediately notified and can then pass along the case to their staff for case management.

These are two custom solutions for intake in Salesforce that we have created and used in the past. Contact us if you have questions, or to see how we can help streamline your intake process in Salesforce!