Getting Started with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards are one of my favorite features of Salesforce. The reporting functionality is robust and flexible, which allows users and admins to easily slice, dice, and display data. But with all the power and flexiblity behind Salesforce reports, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We are frequently asked for reporting resources for beginners. So let's get back to basics – I've put together a list of resources to get you started with Salesforce reports and dashboards. 


Remember that these Salesforce videos are not non profit starter pack specific – meaning that some pieces will be slightly different. The reporting functionality is the same though. Happy reporting!!

Analytics Playlist – a selection of videos on reports and dashboards. Start with "Getting Started with Report Builder" and "Dashboard Overview"

Salesforce Success Community  – The Reports and Dashboards article has links to videos, worksheets, and knowledge articles to help get you started.


What are your favorite reports and dashboards resources?