Automate GoToWebinar Registration With Campaigns

Automate your registrations

One of the great things about Salesforce is the vast number of add-ons. Sometimes though, the apps that should be saving us time end up costing us time and money. Since I work mostly with non-profits, I tend to look for solutions that are versatile and inexpensive. The National Guild for Community Arts Education was looking for a way to simply webinar registration. For the Guild the solution was to use a simple trigger to automate adding registrants to a GoToWebinar list. This turned what used to be a multistage process into a completely hands off solution.

Automate your webinar registrations using Salesforce Campaigns connected to Form Assembly and GoToWebinar
I created their form in Form Assembly, this one page actually gets all its content (including images!) from a campaign in Salesforce just by including the campaign Id in the URL. I would love to share all the details of how this works but we’ll have save that for another time.

How it works

The Webinar Key can be found in the URL for the Webinar provided by GoToWebinarSince not everyone is familiar with things like OAuth and APIs I won’t go too far into the details. The automation is driven a trigger that runs whenever a Campaign receives a new Campaign Member. The Campaign Member is automatically registered for the webinar as long as that Campaign has the Id of a webinar stored in a custom field (as seen in the image). An email is automatically sent to the registrant with event details. From the registrant’s perspective the process occurs instantly. A custom checkbox on the Campaign Member shows when someone is successfully added to the webinar list (see the image below).

Automatically update the Campaign Member to show that they are registered for the Webinar.

That’s all there is to it

With a couple of custom fields and a bit of code the Guild was able to take what used to be a labor intensive process and completely automate it, allowing them to focus their valuable time elsewhere.