Since 1976, First Fruit has given over 3,000 grants to more than 1,000 organizations in over 100 countries. First Fruit works with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and faith-based organizations (FBO’s) that engage faith communities as agents of transformation within their regions.

3,000 Grants

1,000 organizations

Spread over
100 countries

First Fruit selected Sputnik Moment to modernize its grant making technology with the innovation driven Salesforce platform and foundation Connect

The Challenges

There was limited capability to record and report on grant allocations for projects covering multiple Geographic Regions.

First Fruit only works with foreign organizations/nonprofits, and information on their international site visits was captured disjointedly in shared folders, emails, and documents saved locally on computers.

Management of merge documents was difficult due to the use of multiple versions of the same document with only slight differences.

The Solution

We created a custom Grant Allocation object which facilitated the creation of financial reports able to be split out by Geographic Region.

We created a custom Trip Planner custom object which was tied to a customized site visit object, which allowed all Travel information to be stored in one place accessible by all system users at any time.

We used a combination of custom fields and Conga Composer, a set of 20 templates with slight variations were streamlined into just one Mailmerge template.

We have been so thrilled with Salesforce and our consultation agreement with Sputnik Moment. There seems to be no limit to what we can do with the software, and when we run in to a challenge, Crystal has always found a way to make it happen. She has extensive knowledge of our business sector and can share “best practices” for solving the unique challenges of our foundation.”

First Fruit Grant Staff

The Benefits

Regional allocation of award amounts can be delivered in Salesforce Reports in seconds, which eliminated a previously manual process.

The customized Trip Planner and Site Visit objects created a more complete view of country information, organizations visited and travel itinerary for program officers, eliminating data being captured in various places that were not visible to all staff.

Drastically reduced time spent modifying multiple merge templates when wording changes were needed.

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