Delta Dental MN

Delta Dental MN

Delta Dental of MN gains new flexibility with Salesforce Grants Management.

With Sputnik Moment’s help, I am now able to create my own reports, complex mailmerge templates and webforms.

DANA JENSEN - Director of Operations

Delta Dental’s mission is to improve the oral health in MN and advancing the science of oral health.


  • Grants applications were collected via email and attachments, which was becoming a bottleneck as the organization was growing.
  • No efficient way to lookup past grants or grantees information.
  • Limited reporting of grants information.


  • Implementation of Salesforce which provides an out of the box way to store and search for contact information and past grants.
  • Customization of a Grantee Portal allowing grantees to submit applications online.
  • Implementation of a Reviewer Portal allowing board members to review applications ahead of time and provide feedback.
  • Roll out of Outlook plugin. allowing staff to upload Outlook emails into FC.
  • Use of the Eligibility Quiz to screen grantees.


  • More letters of inquiry received (increased pool of applicants).
  • Increase of the diversity and depth of our grants. Example we receive many more grants from rural Minnesota now, which is an area that is very underserved and an area where our board wants us to focus more attention.
  • Access anywhere: even outside of the office, we can quickly look up contact information on our grantees.
  • Time saved for both the applicants and for us.