Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent to Parent of GA saves time with Salesforce based case management.

Parent to Parent of Georgia offers a variety of services to Georgia families impacted by disabilities or special healthcare needs. They have an online searchable databases of community resources, offer many trainings to parents and professionals, provide individual assistance to families at many different stages of having a child with a disability, offer navigation of the healthcare and education systems for children with disability, and make matches between parents of newly diagnosed children and more experienced parents.


  • Separate data sources to track multiple programs meant no clear view of their constituents.
  • Resource directory was only on their CMS, therefore hard to make sure they were providing most up-to- date information for their constituents.
  • Difficult to search for appropriate people to match with parents in need because there was no consistent way to tracking who the volunteers support parents were or what skills they had to be matched on.
  • Difficult to gather numbers required for multiple federal grant sources due to the inconsistency with data tracking.
  • No effective fundraising database.


  • Streamlined case management solution.
  • Intake screen to simplify the entry of families contacting their organization.
  • Ability to search for potential parent matches based on a number of criteria.
  • Integration between Salesforce and website to display most recent information about resources in the community to the public.
  • Automation to send emails to resources (from the directory) and have them be able to automatically update their information in Salesforce which is fed to website.
  • Implementation of the NPSP for fundraising activities.


  • Staff can quickly and easily complete intakes of families on the phone, saving data-entry time and ensures better data collection.
  • Better matches made between parents of newly diagnosed children and more experienced parents. Better emotional support and resources provided to newly diagnosed parents.
  • Staff time saved by being able to easily get updated information from community resources and more accurate resources for the public to access.
  • Ability to generate complex reports about the services they provide to families and professionals that meet the needs of multiple grant requirements.

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