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Latest foundationConnect release details (Grantee 11.48 and Reviewer 4.31)

About Latest foundationConnect release details (Grantee 11.48 and Reviewer 4.31)

Salesforce released updated foundationConnect packages in mid-July (Grantee 11.48 and Reviewer 4.31). Please read below for information about this release and what it means for you.

What’s new in this release?

  • The biggest change is to the portal user registration process. In order to provide enhanced security, the newest fC release will use the standard Salesforce password creation process for grantee and reviewer portal users. This means that passwords will be set after, rather than during, the registration process. 
  • Bug fixes as described in the Release Notes.

What does this mean for me?

  • If you opt to upgrade to Grantee 11.48/Reviewer 4.31, there will be some minor configuration and email template changes required to ensure that the portal registration process still runs smoothly. (This applies to self-registration and staff creation of users). 
  • We estimate that this would add an additional 2-4 hours to our usual upgrade time estimate, for a total of 4-6 hours. (If you opt to skip this upgrade, the registration configuration will need to be done for the next upgrade you do conduct)

Am I required to upgrade?

  • It is best practice and we always recommend that you are on the latest version of any package, however, it is not required for you to upgrade. You will not experience any loss of functionality if you choose to skip this one.

Should I upgrade?

  • We recommend that you review the Release Notes to see if a fix on which you’ve been waiting is included in this release, and also consider whether the next few weeks would be a good time to complete the upgrade. Again, we always recommend an upgrade, but you have to make that decision based on your availability and system needs.

How can I complete the upgrade?

If you decide to proceed with this upgrade, you have two choices: 

  1. If you have a support contract with Sputnik Moment, you can utilize support hours to have us complete the upgrade. As mentioned above, we estimate about 4-6 hours of support to complete this upgrade (assuming there is nothing particularly complex about your specific system configuration that would require more extensive testing). We always upgrade first in a Sandbox, perform some testing, ask you to perform some testing, and then upgrade in Production.
  2. You can choose to carry out the upgrade yourself and log cases with Salesforce support if you run into any issues.

When will the next package be released?

  • The next foundationConnect release is scheduled for November 2021. (Starting with this release, Salesforce announced they will be returning to a three times per year release schedule, to coincide with the Salesforce Summer, Winter and Spring major releases)

If you have any questions, please contact your Sputnik Moment consultant.